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Beyond Security: The importance of trust, data protection and privacy

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that moving to the cloud can deliver the resiliency, flexibility and cost controls businesses need to survive, and thrive, in the future. 

With a move to a hybrid workforce and the real world security challenges that poses, the partners you choose and security they provide to protect you from risks of a data breach or cyber incident are critical. 

Cyber threats continue to be more sophisticated, and with 3rd party systems now being even more of a target, understanding your ecosystem, whether that be your on-prem systems or cloud based systems, has never been more important. 

To be effective, organisations need to fully trust the platforms and products they are using - trust that they work, trust that sensitive information will be protected, and trust that the provider is giving you the levels of partnership and transparency you need to measure your own risk.

Hear from former chief of MI6, Sir Alex Younger, and security experts from leading organisations Booking.com and World Economic Forum to understand the ways in which organisations are dealing with the threats and challenges in a digital-first world.

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