Digital options are no longer just a nice bonus for customers. The latest research into digital attitudes shows that they are an essential part of practically any business. The research, commissioned by DocuSign and conducted by Sapio Research, found that 88 percent of the public expect to be able to complete agreements digitally with the companies that they deal with from day to day. That is a huge majority of customers who are treating digital tools such as e-signatures, as the basic expectations that they have of organisations, across all sectors.

If these digital processes aren’t already in place, businesses are leaving themselves in danger of having to deal with vast numbers of dissatisfied customers, many of whom will look to competitors in the market if they provide more favourable digital options. Below are the key findings from the research for you to action in your business.

Feedback from business decision makers

5 key takeaways

  1. Digital transformation is a top priority, with customers top of the agenda: Digital transformation is primarily driven by middle management, whilst customer relationship management and customer service are the top two activities businesses are trying to improve via adoption of digital tools.
  2. Speed is of the essence: Increasing speed is a key driver of digital transformation, as well as a key benefit of e-signatures specifically.
  3. Always be prepared: The majority feel that their department is quite well prepared to operate as a digital business, and a similar proportion feel that their company’s infrastructure will be able to support planned digital projects.
  4. Sharing is caring: The majority say they have shared digital knowledge across their organisation, with many of these saying they have encouraged adoption of e-signatures.
  5. What’s holding you back? More than two-thirds say that departments within their organisations are holding them back when it comes to digital transformation, with Finance and IT the two most likely culprits. A lack of funding is also affecting the ability to take on new digital ways of working.

Feedback from employees

5 (more) things to remember

  1. Customers have digital-first expectations: Many now expect companies to offer digital methods of signing and purchasing, with those that use multiple paper forms seen as outdated. Additionally, around three-quarters feel that ways of working digitally are absolutely essential or important to a business.
  2. Address paper concerns: Loss or sharing of sensitive data are concerns when completing transactions on paper and the majority do not feel comfortable sending important documents through the post.
  3. Use digital over paper: Many would choose a company offering digital transactions and signing over those that offer paper.
  4. Utilise personal apps: 2 in 5 have used personal apps or devices over those offered to them by their work, and the majority of these say this is because they are easier to use.
  5. If customer is key then… The majority feel that companies offering digital signatures and transactions offer a better customer experience than those that don’t.

To access the research assets, including the full report and on-demand webinar click here.