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Month: July 2014 (page 1 of 3)

Procurement for the Naturally Curious: An Interview with Autodesk’s Kevin Dowd

An interview with Kevin Dowd, Global Head of Procure to Pay at Autodesk  Taking inspiration from "Corner Office: conversations about leadership and management" from the New York Times and Inc. Magazine's "The Way I Work",…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: Add Extra Security to DocuSign Envelopes with Signer Authentication Access Codes

Every DocuSign envelope uses email authentication for security. If you require an extra level of security on your documents, you can add additional authentication methods.  In addition to the standard email authentication, DocuSign provides three…
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3 Big Patient Trends Healthcare Providers Should Know

Contributed by Nick Sorensen, Chief Operations Officer at American Healthcare Lending  A lot has been said about the challenges we are collectively facing as our entire healthcare system experiences a dramatic shift on a number…
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Digital Government = Happier Citizens

By Catherine Kunst, Director of Operations at Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA).  Why should your government office wire up with digital tools? That’s simple: the government serves the people and the people demand digital. While…
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The football revolution that needs to happen

Alongside the goals, saves and controversial ‘falls’ (bites), the use of goal-line technology and magical vanishing spray are two technological innovations which have got people talking during this World Cup. The likes of cricket, rugby…
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Don’t Risk Your Health (Data) with Paper

Walk into your doctor’s office and you’ll likely witness the trappings of those last holdouts of the digital revolution.  As you enter, you will be dazzled by the patchwork curtain of color-coded manila folders behind…
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Three Secrets of the Top Digital Counties

Contributed by Katie Burke, Government Program Specialist at Laserfiche.  “Going digital” has been a topic of conversation in government for many years, yet very few organizations have actually mastered the concept. Digitization brings benefits such…
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