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Month: October 2014 (page 1 of 7)

Ask the Expert EMEA: You Asked, We Answered

During October’s “Ask the Expert” webinar in EMEA we demonstrated how to unlock the potential of your DocuSign account with expert tips from Robert Jackson, one of our New Client Consultants and myself. There were…
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Every Legal Practice Needs Express Efficiency: Let’s Take It to the Cloud

Contributed by Jason Gershenson, Attorney at Gershenson Law, LLC.  As a founder of my own company Gershenson Law, a practice focused on helping entrepreneurs start their own companies, I know firsthand how critical time is to…
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Your Digital Adoption Playbook: Facilitated Sanity for your Operations Team

This post is second installment in our series: “Adoption Playbooks: Providing a deployment framework to maximize results.” Check back each week for the latest blog post authored by a member of our Customer Success Architect…
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What’s The One Thing That Can Block Success for Investors and Brokers ..

Imagine a face-to-face meeting between an investor and his/her broker. In the middle of the table is a cluster of paperwork, choking this simple process for both the investor and their broker. Flash the perspective…
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The Latest from TechEd Europe: The Sleekest Features that Boost More Productivity for Office 365 & DocuSign Users

This week in Barcelona Spain, the Office 365 team announced several new ways for developers to tap into the power of the Office 365 platform to offer more value and tools to customers. The announcements were revealed…
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Cloud = Collaboration: An Interview with Brent Frei, Co-Founder and CMO of Smartsheet

Smartsheet redefines collaboration and workflow management with its enterprise-ready cloud app. Just take the classic spreadsheet and mix in the features that pack a punch, like file-sharing, real-time collaboration, and work automation, make it a…
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My Productivity Manifesto

Guest post by Greig Johnston, Chief Technology Officer, Insights We live, and work, in a world that’s completely connected. My iphone syncs to my laptop, my calendar syncs with my wife’s calendar, school newsletters come via email…
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