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Month: May 2015

Moving Home Used to be One of Life’s Most Stressful Experiences. Not Anymore.

No one likes to move home. It’s a fact of life. A study, published by EstatesDirect.com, interviewed 2,000 people to establish why dealing with property is considered so distressing – causing more anxiety than bankruptcy,…
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4 Proven Ways to Digitally Transform Your Business

You recognise the importance of moving to a digital platform. You’re tired of the old, incumbent processes your company is currently utilising. But you’re also probably asking a number of questions: How do I start…
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Get Social (Online!) at MOMENTUM`16 London

If you are joining us for MOMENTUM `16 in London, a great way to stay up-to-date with all the action is to follow along with our social media channels. Here is what you can expect…
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The Composer and DocuSign Duo

Guest post by Penny Townsend, Director, EMEA Operations at Conga.  Your sales team is happily DocuSigning away on quotes when they ask you to include additional data from related lists, add images and apply logic to…
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The 3 C’s of Financial Services: Customer, Compliance and Cloud

Technology has flipped the financial services industry on its head. The industry has been transformed due to the ever-empowered consumer who has the ability to connect with financial institutions and with each other in new…
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How to Boost Productivity Any Day of the Week

Guest post by Jennifer Savage, Director of Partner Marketing at Smartsheet. There’s a good and bad day for just about everything. If you want more engagement on your Facebook post, the best day to publish…
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DocuSign University: Have You Enrolled?

As we near edge ever closer to the start of EMEA’s largest eSignature conference, we thought you might like to know about the training opportunities that are new to this year’s agenda at MOMENTUM’15 London,…
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