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Month: October 2015 (page 1 of 2)

Quick Tip Tuesday: Back to School Paperlessly with DocuSign

Do you receive school trip permission forms or other paperwork that require your signature? Tired of having to print theses before signing? DocuSign’s Sign a Document Now feature is here to help. This allows you to easily…
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Control: You Want It, We’ve Got It

DocuSign customers often want to restrict the content of email messaging from the web application.  This is most common with financial services and insurance customers where electronic communications are monitored for compliance. Alternatively, some customers…
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Checking API Logs Like the Weather

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a prototype for a new feature, and somehow I kept getting an error from the DocuSign API. The error stubbornly told me that I was providing…
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Tricks of the Trade – Simple Ways to Save Time in Procurement

Procurement professionals are acutely aware of ROI. And yet, they are as susceptible as other professionals to spend time on activities that don’t yield much. A typical sourcing manager carries a big load of RFPs…
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Misys Goes Digital to Deliver FinServ Software Faster

QUICK QUOTE: “DocuSign significantly speeds up once manual, time consuming and ‘offline’ processes. Our success in going digital in our partner programme is driving us to deploy DocuSign enterprise-wide for even greater ROI. DocuSign closes…
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Using Net Promoter Score to Retain Customers and Grow

Think of a time when you’ve gone into a shop and the experience you received didn’t meet your expectations. Now think of a different time where you were just “wowed!” The range from disappointment to…
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Quick Tip Tuesday: In Process Document Watermarks

Need to tell your users that a document hasn’t been completed? No problem! Your documents can be watermarked with your chosen words until it’s completed by all parties. DocuSign’s watermark feature can be enabled in…
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