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Month: February 2016

MOMENTUM`16 London – Imagine What You Can Do

Every year we bring together some of the industry’s brightest minds to examine, discover and share the future of technology – and this year is no different. Taking place from 6-7 June at London’s brand…
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Making Mobile Work for You: A City Box Case Study

What would we do without our smartphones? Emails would go unanswered, social posts unseen, movie times and tickets un-purchased, our favourite sports teams ignored, pictures untaken… you get the idea. Now add tablets and the…
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The Importance of Ensuring a Digital Customer Experience in Banking

The business models of retail banks have changed. As a rule, they now have digital technology at the heart of all their products and sales channels. We’ve witnessed the development of multi-channel services as a…
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How Halfords Accelerated Approvals from Days to Minutes

QUICK QUOTE: “Using DocuSign is helping us at Halfords to provide products to consumers more quickly and easily, often within just a few minutes.” – Head of B2B Sales & Partnerships, Halfords. Today, more than…
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Make Your Work Life Better, Faster, Easier (and Cooler) with Mobile Technology

It’s no longer just about how you interact with customers. Now it’s how you work with each other, too. 3 billion people use the Internet every day, and 80% of those people own a smart…
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4 Resources to Help You Do More with Office 365

Get approvals faster than ever before, with DocuSign for Office 365. Take Microsoft Office 365 to even greater levels of convenience and productivity by adding eSignatures. DocuSign fully integrates to enable push-button sending of your Microsoft…
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3 Steps Every Lender Should Take to Go Digital

There’s certainly disruption in the air. It’s happening in all segments of the financial services industry. Challenger banks are confronting traditional banks, traditional insurance models are contending against online models and a number of lenders…
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Football’s fax fixation baffles Generation Z

I have come to terms with the fact that many of the devices I grew up with are now considered relics of a past era. No longer is a waterproof Walkman the cutting edge in…
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