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Month: April 2017

The Digital General Counsel: An Interview with Reggie Davis

The digital age has brought the world unprecedented amounts of opportunity. Opportunity for cleaner, faster, easier experiences with tangible business outcomes that speed progress and facilitate digital commerce. For the legal profession, in addition to…
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Behind the Scenes: Digital Hero Quiz

It’s not often one gets to break out the dry erase markers, crack open the comic books, and carefully research superheroes at work — but we were lucky enough to do just that several weeks…
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The Cultural Nuances of Contracting and how to Increase Adoption

When it comes to contracting with a platform like DocuSign, there is no question of the value it brings to both senders and signers in terms of experience, speed and assurance; that much is evidenced…
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DYK: 10% of active DocuSign customers use custom branding

Many customers find value in custom branding–38% of direct sales customers vs 5% of self-servicing customers—although some customers change the experience so thoroughly that users become unaware that they are using DocuSign. There are several places where a…
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What are the barriers facing businesses seeking digital transformation?

Digital business practices are now a requirement for customers. That was one of the core findings of new research commissioned by DocuSign. The aim of the research was to see which barriers were being faced…
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Making an Environmental IMPACT this Earth Day

At DocuSign, “going green” means more to us than a commitment to sharing our paperless technology with the world. Supporting crucial causes like environmentalism is a core part of our mission. With Earth Day right…
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What Do Modern Customers Expect of Business?

How many people do you see scanning documents each day? Come to think of it, do you even own or know how to use one? Probably not. With every passing week, our dependency on paper…
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