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Month: July 2019

Forrester: 3 takeaways from The State of Systems of Agreement Study, 2019

Agreements are the basis of all business. Whether you’re accepting a new job offer, applying for a mortgage or opening a bank account, they’re key to the moments that matter. And in today’s digital world,…
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DocuSign for SAP: A Fully Digital Signature Management Solution

1972 was the year of the Rolling Stones, the last manned space flight to the moon, and the Olympic Summer Games in Munich. Meanwhile, in Weinheim, five IBM employees came together to implement a groundbreaking…
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Dublin is the place to be, says DocuSign’s Group VP of Commercial Sales EMEA

We speak to Ronan Copeland, Group VP of Commercial Sales EMEA and General Manager of DocuSign Ireland, to get the lowdown on why the biggest career opportunities today may be in Dublin. Dublin is DocuSign’s…
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4 ways to automate HR processes

From hiring new employees to onboarding and offboarding, retaining great people is key to growing a successful business. And this huge responsibility falls largely under one department; HR.  Despite HR’s critical role in delivering such…
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Simplifying banking with a modern system of agreement

According to the consumer group Which, British banks have closed over 3,000 branches in just four years. And it’s easy to see why. Consumer experience is driving digital transformation across the finance sector, changing and…
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Digital transformation and business agreements in the cloud

Recently, we took to the stage at the Digital Transformation Conference in London, to talk about the importance of agreements in accelerating digital transformation. In the audience, we met businesses of all sizes – from…
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How to integrate DocuSign for Salesforce

If you’re considering DocuSign for Salesforce to accelerate your contract process, you’re not alone. The software helps businesses of all sizes send and receive legally binding documents via the internet, on virtually any device. It…
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Celebrating 50 years of Pride

Pride London (and around the world) is one of our favourite times of the year at DocuSign because we believe that having an inclusive culture isn’t just a value but must be something we actually…
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