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Month: September 2019

Electronic signatures: Almost everything you need to know

Electronic signatures are an increasingly popular way of quickly signing documents, such as contracts or receipts of delivery. They offer businesses an excellent option for securely gathering signatures and more advanced types of esignature technology…
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Contract management for HR

When so much pressure is placed upon the supply chain, the creation of business partnerships, and the value extracted from these; the importance of contract management for HR service delivery often gets overlooked. However, in…
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Top 4 ways to start going paperless

Once seen as a disruptive change to how business is done, going paperless is now a relatively easy transition to make for small businesses. Embracing the advantages of going paperless promises to make managing stacks…
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Momentum 2019: Discover the hands-on learning labs

There’s not long to go now until our annual event, Momentum London, where we’ll be showcasing the best ways to simplify and accelerate your business. You’ll find out what’s new at DocuSign, such as the…
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I have a great business idea, what do I do next?

If only entrepreneurship relied simply on conjuring a great business idea. Sadly, not. In a competitive business climate, ‘great ideas’ don’t always translate into scalability, profit and enterprise success. It’s what you do after the…
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Why do I need an electronic signature?

If you’re asking ‘why do I need an electronic signature?’ and haven’t already taken the leap to embed e-signatures into your business workflows, then now is the time to do so. The chances are, you…
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5 ways to increase productivity around the office

Did you know that more than half of us confess to wasting up to an hour a day while we’re at work? Whether that’s browsing social media, chatting to colleagues, making cups of coffee or…
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Modernise your system of agreement with DocuSign and SAP

Are you an SAP customer? If so, you can use our pre-built integrations for electronic signatures within the SAP products you use every day. Our SAP Signature Management gives you the ability to transform your…
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