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Month: November 2019

There can be no innovation without agreements

Behind every star there’s a team of people lifting them up. It’s why the acceptance speeches receive so much air time at the BAFTAs. So then, if you consider true innovation the superstar of an…
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Going paperless: almost everything you need to know

Going paperless can bring big advantages to your business, saving money and resources, improving transparency, and helping the environment at a time when deforestation is very much in the news. Why do businesses still use…
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How Star Wars and an innovative agreement changed the movie merchandising business forever

Innovation is central to success in business. But it’s not enough on its own. An understanding of how to take your innovation to market is central to realising its potential. Today, innovation ranks high on…
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The eWitnessing opportunity

By Olivier Pin – Vice President, Product Management International at DocuSign.  There are many steps to digitising documents such as contracts and agreements. From the initial preparation to the post-signing management of an agreement, technology…
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Digital transformation roadmap – how to get your team on board

By Maeve Sugrue – Marketing Manager EMEA at DocuSign. There are two common myths about digital transformation. The first is that “digital transformation” is reserved for enterprise businesses. The truth is technology is advancing at such…
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Making an environmental impact with DocuSign for Forests

At DocuSign, we believe that we all need to come together to promote a healthier planet. Sustainability is a part of our culture and employees have volunteered thousands of hours to promote a healthier environment….
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The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements: The Disruptors and Game Changers

A look back, to look forwards. By Greg Williams, Chief Editor of Wired UK Despite the best efforts of highly compensated consultants, business schools and the thought leadership industry, the process of innovation is still,…
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Contract lifecycle management: The State of Contract Management Report 2019

The State of Contract Management report 2019, uncovers the latest pain points, trends and best practices in contract lifecycle management. The DocuSign report, conducted with employees involved in their organisation’s contracting process, found that 94%…
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