The lead up to Christmas is an important time for sales professionals. Heading into what is the fourth quarter for many, the pressure is truly on if you’re still some way short of end-of year targets. Even if business is booming, this period presents an opportunity to make the year a record-breaking one.

In either instance, you can send sales figures soaring by taking things digital. Time and again, delays in processing a deal can cause them to drag on for weeks, or worse, lead to a cooling of enthusiasm from your customer.

But there’s good news – taking the sales department digital can cut the cycle of a sale from weeks or months down to days or even hours. Your team will need the right tools and the correct mindset. Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Adopt the customer mindset

“How does it help the customer?” This question should lie at the heart of plans to take your department digital. After all, customers nowadays are used to the convenience and simplicity of being able to complete tasks at the touch of a phone screen.

The bar has been raised and expectations are high – remember that whilst digital processes have made it easier to get deals done, they have also made it easier for your customers to become competitors’ customers at a moment’s notice. Avoid this and maintain a crucial advantage over the competition by offering a great experience.

Offering the functionalities that DocuSign can provide, such as one-tap purchasing and full mobile access has two main advantages; it allows customers to transact with you on their terms and builds your reputation as a forward-thinking business.

2. Make deals on the move

Another key challenge that sales teams can face is completing a sales cycle whilst on the move. A customer might be ready to sign a deal with you following an impressive pitch, but time is of the essence. If the deal is not signed off immediately, they could quickly lose interest.

With DocuSign, sales agreements can be fully executed online, taking this problem out of the equation. My own team’s record is a 1-hour deal cycle from receiving the lead to final sign off. By taking the process digital, we are able to move at a fast pace which allows us to close more deals, in less time, whilst also providing a great customer experience.

3. Keep things simple

Making a payment after signing a deal can complicate things for customers and companies alike. Late payments can be a major problem for organisations of all sizes, with 64% of businesses experiencing payment delays or a failure to collect altogether. That’s why we developed DocuSign Payments. Combining the process allows your customers to sign a contract and pay in one simple step – a great way of circumventing this issue and ensuring deals are completed on time.

Taking your sales team digital will allow them to strike while the iron is hot, whilst reducing the amount of time spent on chasing down paperwork and completing administrative tasks – certainly cause for an office Christmas cheer!

In the office and in the field. DocuSign and Go for your sales team.

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