With Outlook: Manage, Sign, and Approve Documents Without Ever Leaving Your Inbox

Microsoft Outlook boosts productivity. No secret there.

But here’s what you might not know: You can manage, sign, and approve documents anywhere, anytime, on any device without ever leaving your Outlook inbox.

Whether you work in property, legal, financial services, procurement — if you have Outlook and a desire to get work done faster, your organisation can skyrocket productivity and increase security by enabling users to sign and send documents in seconds with the DocuSign add-in. (You’ll also average fewer open tabs in your browser, which alone is an admirable feat.)

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How do you get started? Simply install the add-in through the Office Store and initiate the signing process the same way you would draft an email. Upload your desired file — and you’re done! The sluggish workflows of days past will never plague your office again.

Extra perks: DocuSign will automatically appear in the Outlook apps toolbar when you receive an email message with an attachment. From there, you can launch DocuSign, drag and drop your signature, and reply to the email with the signed attachment. Once the reply email window closes, you can choose to save a copy of the signed document to OneDrive for Business.

With Word: Make the Approvals Process More Efficient

Some things aren’t meant to be easy or efficient: Navigating Excel functions between Mac and PC, rush hour traffic, a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh’s 3-toned Starry Night…

Too often, however, we’re bogged down by tasks that should be easy but are not.  Case in point: Contract management. Most of us are no stranger to the tedium and inefficiency of print, sign, fax, repeat.

Which made us wonder: What if you didn’t have to play the waiting game?

Wonder no more. With DocuSign and Office 365, you don’t have to wait. Simply install the DocuSign add-in and voilà: You can now manage business easily, efficiently, and digitally without ever leaving Microsoft Word.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 2.42.50 PM

Here’s how: DocuSign + Microsoft Word makes the approvals process more efficient, and digital, thus entirely bypassing the issues that crop up with snail mail, scanning, and faxing. For example:

  • Collaborating on a document in real-time to signing on the dotted line.
  • Letting your clients know precisely where to initial with pre-set tags.
  • Set a signing order so your recipients see the document when it’s their turn to sign.

By selecting DocuSign from your add-in’s, you’ll be completing transactions in minutes — not days or weeks.

Your signers will have an equally simple experience: They don’t need to have DocuSign installed on their device to sign their documents. Which means all they need to do is open the document anywhere, anytime, and sign.

With Sharepoint: HR’s Magic Bullet

If you’ve ever interviewed (and lost) the perfect candidate, you may know the feeling: The letdown. The one that got away. The prospect that took another job. Although we can’t know for sure why a potential hiring goes awry, one thing’s for sure: Faster onboarding and efficient contract management can help seal deals.

DocuSign is the fastest, most secure way to get things done across your entire organisation — and the HR department is no exception. DocuSign’s integrated SharePoint solution allows HR teams to easily access DocuSign without ever leaving SharePoint. Which means your workday just got a lot easier.

Whether you’re sending over a contract to be signed or managing important documents, using DocuSign + SharePoint Online automates and simplifies common business processes. Your documents are securely stored for reference, you can track the status of documents in real time, and view completed documents any time you like. This doesn’t just make your employees’ lives easier — it improves the hiring experience from both ends. With DocuSign, candidates can safely access, sign and approve documents from any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Staff save time and new employees are on-boarded quicker than ever — so your HR staff can devote more time to doing what matters most: Building and maintaining a dynamite team!

With Dynamics CRM: Sales Made Simpler

Remember your first sale? There’s nothing quite like closing a deal. And while a true knack for selling boils down to hard work, talent, and a fair dose of coffee-guzzling, there’s a way to simplify your day-to-day workload.

Created with sales teams in mind, DocuSign for Dynamics CRM takes your workload and makes it efficient, secure, and of course, fully digital. Whether your tenacity has been worn thin by the dreaded fax machine, or you’ve already gone digital and simply want a way to further expedite the contract management process, using DocuSign for Dynamics CRM makes your days easier.

Primarily because DocuSign is integrated directly into the Microsoft products you already know and use every day. For example, if you’re ready to close a deal with DocuSign for Dynamics CRM, click the “sign” or “get signatures” button that are integrated into the ribbon. Done and done.

You can also send any document attached to the record, or upload one from your desktop or another storage service. Have a document you use all the time? DocuSign + Dynamics CRM lets you set up a template that automatically applies tags and signing roles. You can keep track of your documents easily with the DocuSign Transactions tab, where you can see when the contract has been received, viewed and signed by all parties. All interactions and approvals are logged as the contract is completed, and all agreements signed via DocuSign are legally binding.

With DocuSign for Dynamics CRM, you’ll be able to reduce errors, and shorten the sales cycle. Which means shuffling paper? Chasing contracts? Experiencing fax machine-induced headaches? All things of the past.

Or something more in-depth? This complimentary on-demand webinar, “Increase Your Productivity with DocuSign for Office 365” supplies viewers with the knowledge to boost productivity and save time with DocuSign and Office 365.