What is your time really worth?

It is a common question, often asked in the world of business. Fortunately, there are any numbers of productivity tools to help you add hours to your day. So it’s now become a case of choosing the best tools to complement your lifestyle and business needs, whilst strategically minimising the digital distractions (I’m looking at you, Social Media.)

Here at DocuSign, we’re all about time, well spent. So we thought we’d bring to light a few companies that are beating the clock by going digital.

See the new Infographic. It’ll be time well-spent.


1) Grass Roots is the world’s leading provider of employee and customer engagement solutions. In its London co-headquarters, the events management team improved the contract administration process and now has contracts signed in as little as 4 minutes, compared up to 1 week prior.

 2) REED is dedicated to providing permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced recruitment solutions across more than 20 specialisms. It’s specialist recruitment division now prepares documents 10x faster(!)

 3) Gorkana offers a more effective way for PR and marketing professionals to access customised media. The company managed to reduce contract signing by up to 1 week.

 4) Virgin Holidays is one of the UK’s largest and most successful long haul transatlantic tour operators. It’s procurement department achieved a 12x improvement of the processing of purchasing contracts (and eliminated materials costs of around £10,000 per year to boot.)


And last but not least…


5) DailyDeal offers local digital coupons to consumers in dozens of cities and across Germany. The company now receives signed documents back from merchants 7x faster and enjoys greater confidence in their legality and security.


And they’re not the only lucky ones. There are tons of companies experiencing the benefits of going digital (SPOILER: it’s not just time savings.)

Digital tools will actually save you hours, days, and even weeks. That’s the time many DocuSign customers have gotten back by utilising our eSignature tool for their signature-requiring workflows.

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