What would you like to take away from DocuSign MOMENTUM`16 London? You’ve probably already justified your attendance with your boss, but wouldn’t it be great if you brought back a few ideas to transform your business?

After all, digital transformation starts with you! So to aid you on your paperless quest, we’ve provided some top tips on how you can approach this year’s conference strategically, and what your top-level objectives should be as a leader of your organisation.

Be Focused
Your goal is to achieve a good return on the time and money you and your team has invested in attending the conference. In addition to the tasty canapés and great company, you also have to realise tangible results, so have your priorities set before stepping into The Brewery. You’ll want to pinpoint which exhibitors are most suited to your needs and your business, and what information you’d like to gather from them.

Top tip: If your team is in attendance with you, divide and conquer by sending them with a few questions to ask the exhibitors that are of interest.

Be Prepared
There will be a number of inspiring case studies and best practice shared from customers that will help increase the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your team. Head to the breakout sessions already knowing what you and your team need help with and the questions you’d like answered. There is a host of experts on hand to share their knowledge and experience, and to help make you successful!

Top tip: Check out the agenda prior to the event and highlight the sessions that are most appropriate for you and your team.

Be a Champion
DocuSign is serious about helping businesses of all sizes easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud. That much we know. There will be a host of new ideas at this year’s conference to empower you to accelerate your digital transformation. Use the key takeaways from each session to pioneer your next digital project.

Top tip: Make notes (electronically of course) of what you learn, so upon your return to the office, you can lead the digital charge.

Be Sociable
Everyone at MOMENTUM`16 London is there to network. We understand how business works and have therefore allocated plenty of time in the agenda for you to connect with peers and exhibitors. You can learn more from your peers than you could ever imagine!

Top tip: Stay and network! Plenty of chances to catch up with colleagues and peers over food and cocktails.

Be Connected
Stay on top of conference activities and conversations with the MOMENTUM`16 London mobile app. With the app, you can view schedules and up-to-the-moment conference information, get push notifications to remind you about upcoming sessions, and network with other attendees. It’s just another way we’re eliminating paper and keeping it digital.

Download it free at the following sites: Apple Store and Google Play. And if you are a Windows device user, go here. To log in, simply use the email address that you registered with and enter your reference number.

Top tip: Check your confirmation email for your reference number.

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