We’re humans. With wifi. We want to do it all digitally. But that instant feeling of satisfaction from hitting “send” on your phone or laptop can be instantly spoiled by paper – printing, copying, and scanning. Don’t be a digital downer.

But that’s how paper can make you and your customers feel when everything else in the process is digital. No matter what department or industry you’re in, no matter what software systems you already use, there are ways to accelerate your reviews and approvals. And even make the “paperwork” enjoyable.

Joy is the key word here. Your customers, co-workers, partners, (your boss), all enjoy, expect, and depend on the acceleration that digital brings. The problem is, any step that forces them off their computer or phone screen creates irritation and dissatisfaction. That’s where eSignatures come into play; keeping reviews and approvals moving forward securely within the digital world.

Everything runs on paperwork – from accepting a job offer and hiring a new employee to signing a legal agreement and negotiating a contract. But it doesn’t have to run on paper. By digitsing your review and approvals, you not only lessen the chance for human errors, but also the risks of legal challenge or non-compliance on everyday activities.

Discover how you can DocuSign and Go sell, hire, protect, win, purchase, and more.

For Your HR Team

Make recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and just plain working easier.

HR is all about serving your people, whether they are shiny new recruits or lifetime employees. Make their interactions with you even more exceptional by getting those important documents to them for review and signature quickly and conveniently on any digital device.

See how DocuSign helps HR.


For Your Procurement Team

Get to “Yes” (or “No”) faster.

Imagine your PO, SOW, or contract processes with no errors, no hiccups, and no lag time. It can happen when you offer your document review and approval completely electronically with DocuSign. Stakeholders are notified and reminded of actions to be taken and they can approve on any digital device securely and easily.

See how DocuSign helps Procurement.


For Your Legal Team

Get more control over documents and more hours in the day.

By simply converting your NDA process to DocuSign, you can give hours back to your legal team every week. But getting rid of paperwork hassles doesn’t have to end at something that basic. Legally valid and easily auditable, digital document approvals and signatures are now used for nearly every legal transaction – simple approvals to multi-constituent agreements.

See how DocuSign helps Legal.


For Your Sales Team

Close deals faster. In the office and in the field.

Your sales team wants to focus on closing deals, not chasing paper. DocuSign gets important documents and contracts in front of customers with greater ease, no matter where they are. This makes it simpler for those considering purchase to electronically review and sign “Yes!”

See how DocuSign helps Sales.


For Your Finance Team

Keep finance documents moving, accessible, secure, and signable.

Imagine the power of a simple, secure, fully digital solution to sign, send, and manage your financial documents—anytime, anywhere—on your staff’s favourite devices. DocuSign enables you to speed and ease invoicing and cash flow tasks while improving audit and compliance needs by keeping everything accessible and online.

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