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Paperless procurement: the benefits of automating and streamlining vendor agreements

Today, procurement plays an increasingly strategic role in every company and has a unique opportunity to lead the way and show business functions the path to excellence. Arguably, procurement is one of the most connected…
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Tricks for saving time in Procurement

As a Procurement professional you’re hyper-aware of costs and the need to get ROI. But, are you maximising your own ROI? Procurement roles are as prone as anyone to spending their time inefficiently. And, time…
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UK Government Entity Votes for Digital Signatures to Accelerate Procurement Processes

The “Customer Spotlight” blog series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from accelerating their business processes with digital signatures. We sat down with a regional government entity to learn how it’s making life…
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T-Systems Performs Procurement Tasks 50x Faster

The “Customer Spotlight” series takes an inside look at DocuSign customers who are benefiting from digitising their business processes with electronic signature. Like no company in the world, T-Systems Limited provides information and communication technology…
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100% Digital Future of Procurement

Spring is in the air and so is Procurement. DocuSign hosted its third Procurement Advisory Council (Adco) meeting in San Francisco on March 10th and once again, the room was full of old friends, colleagues…
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The Digital Transformation of Procurement: CRM for Buy-Side

Procurement. As a function, it’s the act of strategically procuring goods and services that add value to a business. As a group, it’s about orchestrating relationships with suppliers, stakeholders and internal channels. You can imagine…
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Your Digital Adoption Playbook: Procurement + Digital Business = ROI Heaven

This is the sixth post in our series: “Adoption Playbooks: Providing a deployment framework to maximize results.” We hope you find this blog post insightful and inspiring.  If your company is still using paper or systems that…
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How To Be A Savvy Procurement Leader

Taking inspiration from "Corner Office: conversations about leadership and management" from the New York Times and Inc. Magazine's "The Way I Work", DocuSign is featuring Procurement/Supply Chain leaders in this blog series. I’m excited to feature…
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How To Inspire More Creative Thinking From Your Procurement Group

On Nov 11th, 2014, we gathered Procurement executives from Financial Services, and Healthcare in New York City for a discussion on their challenges and priorities and how they are using digital technologies like Digital Transaction…
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Reveling in Innovation: 3 Ways Procurement Won at Dreamforce ’14

The gravity of Dreamforce is undeniable for sales, service, and tech innovators.  Keynotes, breakout sessions, and philanthropy at a rock star level were invigorating. For Procurement pros, it’s four days to color our innovation calendars. Let’s…
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