Arvato Focuses on the End User to Improve its Contracting Experience

Arvato Systems discuss how the usability of a tech solution determines its success or failure, and solutions don’t get much easier to use than DocuSign.

At DocuSign, we love hearing how our customers are modernising their Systems of Agreement, especially when it involves transforming decade-old processes, to keep up with the demand of the modern customer.

Jochen Fuchs and Kai Tetzlaff from Arvato Systems were interviewed by our German colleagues, discussing how the usability of a technology solution determines its success or failure. According to Fuchs, solutions don’t get much easier to use than DocuSign.

Here’s a summary of the conversations.

Creating services that satisfy customers

Arvato Systems is an international service provider with some 70,000 employees in more than 40 countries. The company designs and implements innovative solutions for clients globally.

These include, for example, intelligent customer service offers via all contact channels in the CRM sector, end-to-end e-commerce services for retailers, and brands in the field of supply chain management, fraud prevention, and payment services in the financial industry, and IT services in the cloud.

Accelerating Quote-to-Cash

As part of its digital transformation objectives, Arvato sought to digitise its quote-to-cash process. The company required a highly automated process that would facilitate fast document turnaround times.

Previously, the exchange and signature of documents were executed manually, with stakeholders having to print, scan and email agreements. It was clear that change was necessary. This elaborate and time-consuming contract processes between sales and purchasing was therefore replaced with DocuSign’s System of Agreement platform.

Electronic Signature at the Heart of the Agreement

Arvato has replaced all handwritten signatures needed for contracts and documents with electronic signatures from DocuSign. Jochen Fuchs, Head of Legal Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer at Arvato, shares the benefits of the switch, “Electronically signed documents enable us to archive without loss of quality and with significant acceleration and increased transparency."

Above all, usability was an important requirement when choosing DocuSign, because, according to Jochen, "User acceptance is the deciding factor for whether a new process prevails. The ease of use of DocuSign was therefore also crucial for the choice of solution."

For customers, too, shorter processes mean they are more satisfied with the vendor and therefor more likely to do business with the vendor again. "Our customers no longer need to print contracts and can sign them anywhere on any device," says Kai Tetzlaff, Business Consultant at Arvato Systems.

Although the electronic signature is only one aspect of the broader digital agreement process, it is extremely effective. "In an increasingly regulated and documented world, utilising a stable, easy-to-use tool like DocuSign is a great relief," says Fuchs.

User Experience is the Key

Arvato intends to increasingly rely on the DocuSign solution by digitising other areas reliant on agreements. "Above all, we want to achieve greater process integration into upstream and downstream systems, but also expand the application areas for digital signatures," says Fuchs.

Arvato Systems is already using the DocuSign for Sharepoint plugin for networking and the DocuSign API to automate orders in the Order-to-Cash process. "In the future, DocuSign could be used for employee declarations, internal approval processes, and HR topics. We are particularly pleased that DocuSign supports us here through Customers Solution Architects to identify further potentials for using the solution. In developing our innovative solutions, we place a strong focus on automation and data/analytics,” says Fuchs.

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