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A Look at the DocuSign Signature Appliance APIs

The DocuSign Signature Appliance (DSA) is an on-premises electronic signing appliance. It enables organisations and enterprises to digitally sign PDF and other file types. The DSA supports a variety of use cases, including isolated network and hybrid cloud configurations….
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New C# Code Examples Now Available

We’ve been hard at work updating our C# SDK and code examples. You may have seen that we announced a release candidate version of our C# client library that supports .NET Standard 2.0. We have since moved…
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DYK: 1,800+ external apps actively subscribe to DocuSign Connect notifications

DocuSign Connect is a push service that sends real-time envelope and recipient data updates to customer listener applications. These updates are generated by changes to the envelope as it progresses from sending to completion. Connect…
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3 Steps You Need to Take Now to Start Going Paperless

If you have used our Paperless Savings Calculator, then being able to put a figure on just how much paper is costing both your business and the planet is likely to be enough to convince…
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New DocuSign Payments API Recipe Released

DocuSign Payments was released in February to enable users to collect payments and signatures in one step. You can also incorporate Payments into your API apps to completely automate the process and build it into your…
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Adding Webhooks to your Application

In Part 1, “Webhooks: Don’t Poll Us, We’ll Call You!”, I discussed the benefits and reasons for using webhooks to alert your app when its envelopes or recipients have a status update. In this post,…
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Webhooks: Don’t Poll Us, We’ll Call You!

Your integration or app sends envelopes to recipients via email or by using embedded signing. Great! A common next step for developers is to enable their integration to automatically determine the status of their envelopes–has…
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