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5 Issues Keeping Small Business Owners Up at Night

We’ve had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of small to medium business (SMB) owners about their goals for the future, and their strategies for reaching these goals. These conversations inevitably include a discussion of…
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Over 50% of customers would take business elsewhere to pay digitally

Finance departments are re-evaluating how they allow customers to transact with their businesses. That’s because 58 percent of European consumers would choose to deal with an organisation that provides options for completing transactions digitally in…
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Get to the Head of the Class at MOMENTUM`16

DocuSign University is your educational resource centre that was created to help you get the most out of your DocuSign investment. Our online resources and in-person training options make it easy to accelerate your success…
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Introducing the DocuSign Today Widget

For some of us, DocuSign is much more than an application to sign documents. More than ever, people are using DocuSign as the command center for keeping their business moving forward. Whether it’s getting reminders…
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Control: You Want It, We’ve Got It

DocuSign customers often want to restrict the content of email messaging from the web application.  This is most common with financial services and insurance customers where electronic communications are monitored for compliance. Alternatively, some customers…
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Using Net Promoter Score to Retain Customers and Grow

Think of a time when you’ve gone into a shop and the experience you received didn’t meet your expectations. Now think of a different time where you were just “wowed!” The range from disappointment to…
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