What an inspiring lineup we had at MOMENTUM’15 London, surrounded by the best and brightest in the world of tech. The keynotes of Keith Krach and Tom Gonser had been highly anticipated, with attendees looking forward to hearing their digital insights for some weeks. I’ve pulled some of the key pieces of wisdom that Keith and Tom provided to the excited MOMENTUM’15 London crowd.

The theme that emerged was around trust. Keith brought his notorious energy to the stage as he told the audience that the fundamental basis of all business and all transactions is trust.

“Without trust, business and transactions simply will not take place.”

Keith referred to all of the investments DocuSign has been making in EMEA and the rest of the world as “Built to Last” investments. Namely, the opening of new data centres in Europe to address local data residency preferences and requirements for our EU based customers.

Tom followed with a similar message:

“While the DocuSign Network is global, key elements that build trust into that network come from being local.“

These investment areas reflect a fundamental belief we have in our company strategy. These are supported by the partnerships with OpenTrust, SAFE Bio-Pharma and ICP Brasil, to complement the recent acquisition of ARX.

The key stat that resonated with the audience is that there will be 450 billion digital transactions per day by 2020. However, Tom highlighted the transactions that matter from a business perspective – high-value eCommerce, financial and document-based transactions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 20.37.09

DouSign enables global business by providing a comprehensive portfolio of trusted signature technology to deliver frictionless transactions. Tom outlined four key types of signatures:

  • Cloud eSignature – DocuSign’s traditional signature solution
  • DocuSign Digital Signature – DocuSign-backed PKI standards-based digital signature
  • Local Digital Signatures – Cloud-based, third party digital signature certified for local regions and markets
  • Card / Token Digital Signatures – Digital Signatures using digital certificates already in possession of the signer


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