Camelot Hits the Jackpot by Reducing Paper Usage by 50 Percent

Leigh Soper discusses why National Lottery operator Camelot prizes eSignature as part of its plans for improving the customer experience.

The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on the DocuSign customers that are accelerating their businesses with electronic signature.

National Lottery operator Camelot is winning the move towards digitisation. Having halved process time and paper usage, Functional Consultant Leigh Soper discusses why the organisation prizes eSignature as part of its plans for improving the customer experience.

Leigh, can you tell us about Camelot and what you do in the organisation?

Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd is the operators of the UK National Lottery. We’ve been the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery since its launch in 1994 and have an extended third license term until 2023.

My role is Functional Consultant for multiple areas of the business, responsible for the functionality of Camelot’s systems and applications.

How are you using DocuSign at Camelot? 

We’ve been using DocuSign since around 2013, in our HR and Commercial Finance departments. I was approached in 2016 by two of my business areas to scope the work of eSignatures for them. We implemented the service in our retailer on-boarding department, and the results were significant.

Since then, we have been exploring DocuSign in a number of areas throughout the organisation, the latest being our Winners department for those who win more than £50k. We hope to have this implemented by the end of the fiscal year.

What effect has DocuSign had on your processes?

DocuSign has helped to reduce paper usage and processing time by 50 percent. A significant reduction!

Why is doing business digitally important to Camelot?

It has and will continue to streamline our processes, and ultimately make the end user experience a much better one. Going forward, our key objective is to improve the customer experience. Internally, we’d also like to work on our IT approval processes.

The scope for further integrations with DocuSign is substantial and we are also looking at using the DocuSign mobile app for iOS on tablets. 

What advice would you offer to other businesses considering technologies like eSignature? 

Don’t just consider it, do it!

Cheers, Leigh!

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