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DYK: Everyday, 40% of Signers are Signing for the First Time

No Pen? No Problem. Sign documents or request signatures anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to print or scan—just use the device at your fingertips. DocuSign makes it easy. Currently, about 265k new users are joining…
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5 Things to Tell Your First-Time Signers before “Sending with DocuSign”

As DocuSign may be new to your users, some document recipients (signers) may naturally ask questions or raise objections to this new way of conducting business. This post provides those who are sending documents via…
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DYK: You are 7 degrees of separation from anyone on the DocuSign Global Trust Network

Priya transacted with Takahiro—who transacted with Sam—who transacted with Cillian—who transacted with Juliette—who transacted with Rodrigo—who transacted with [email protected]—who transacted with you. More than 200 million all-time users have sent or signed a document through…
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DYK: Over 10,000 documents have been DocuSigned in the Arctic Circle

The documents have been sent and signed in hundreds of locations (see image below) by thousands of users, without any single customer or account siphoning a significant share of the action.  I’m not qualified to…
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DYK: 60% of UK DocuSigners are Male

This chart shows the gender ratio (according to Google Analytics) of countries with at least 10,000 users to visit DocuSign within the past 12 months. Now, it is worth noting that some industries skew toward…
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DYK: APAC customers send a lot of envelopes in the middle of the night

This pattern holds true for envelopes and unique senders within DocuSign’s web application, API, customer services, business services, financial services, and within almost all industries. Firms in India and the Philippines are most likely to…
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Change is Good. The DocuSign Adoption Kit Makes it Easy.

Want to accelerate your business by making the transition to digital? DocuSign’s Adoption Kit will help you make the leap simply and successfully.  Making the digital leap has proven, immediate benefits: increased revenue, greater efficiency, and…
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