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Are You Living Up to Customers’ Digital Expectations?

In today’s “want it now” culture, typified by same-day delivery and no-touch automation, customers have high demands. The vast majority of their expectations can be realised digitally, often exclusively so. Customers can access secure bank…
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5 Reasons Why Going Paperless Will Put Money in Your Pocket

There is no doubt that a paperless office is cleaner, greener and more efficient. Reams of paper, once the mainstay of stationery cupboards in offices around the world, are slowly but surely being replaced by…
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Comments: A Quick and Dirty How-To

There’s no substitute for real-time collaboration. As we progress further into the digital age, technology has enabled us to complete tasks more efficiently than ever before: Our groceries can be delivered with a few taps…
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Test Your Data Privacy Smarts on Data Privacy Day

The 28th January is Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness of the importance of respecting data privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. The celebration commemorates the signing of Convention 108 on 28th January 1981,…
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3 Steps You Need to Take Now to Start Going Paperless

If you have used our Paperless Savings Calculator, then being able to put a figure on just how much paper is costing both your business and the planet is likely to be enough to convince…
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3 Reasons to Make Your Office Paperless

Many of us have long since evicted CD towers and shelves of DVDs from our homes, having everything we need on our tablets and smartphones. The office, however, remains stuffed with documents that could be…
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How SMEs Can Keep Up with Customer Expectations in the Digital Age

It’s true that the customer calls the shots. So if your customers were telling you something that could give your business a boost, you’d sit up and listen, wouldn’t you? The findings of a recent study…
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