Have you ever wondered how to be notified every time someone signs or updates the document(s) you send out for signature? Here’s how to turn on or off any notification when your documents are updated or completed.
Managing your email notification options can be controlled on one page in four steps. You can manage notifications for yourself as a signer or as a sender in your Account Preferences -> Member Profile -> Manage Email Notifications section.
Step 1: Select Preferences from the top-right of the page.

In the navigation bar on the left side of the page, under the Member Profile heading, click Manage Email Notifications.

Step 2: Select or clear the checkboxes for the options when you want to receive an email.
Step 3: Click Save to save the changes.

DocuSign lets you sign, send, and securely manage documents anywhere, anytime, from any device. By allowing you to manage your email notifications for yourself as a signer and sender, DocuSign gives customizable solutions to fit everyone’s needs.