The “Customer Spotlight” shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from digitising their business processes with e-signatures.

Europe’s largest hosted exchange provider, Cobweb Solutions, has 20 years of delivery, management and support experience across a range of cloud services. Partners include Acronis, Microsoft and Mimecast. Managing Director, Michael Frisby, discusses how Cobweb made the transition to DocuSign and the resulting integration with Microsoft for a more streamlined user experience.

Michael, can you provide a quick overview of Cobweb and your role within the company?

Vuzion is a business that provides cloud services to other IT retailers and Cobweb is our IT reseller. I’m the Managing Director, responsible for setting the overall strategy of the business and making sure we’re driving growth and providing a fantastic customer experience.

How long have you been using DocuSign?

We’ve been using DocuSign within the business for about six months now. The company was using Adobe Sign as its e-signature solution before that. As a close Microsoft partner and one of a handful of CSP indirect providers in the UK, we were involved in a pilot with Microsoft and DocuSign last Autumn, where the DocuSign product is going to become available to CSP providers.

For us, when we established the partnership with DocuSign, it made a lot of sense to flip our internal usage from Adobe to DocuSign as DocuSign is the product that we’re taking to market through Vuzion and Cobweb.

You sound like a digitally advanced company. Is that fair to say?

We have our moments! Everything we do is digital. We have relationships with 400 resellers, over 13,000 customers, and all of those transactions are managed digitally. From an ordering perspective, from a billing perspective, we look to automate and make them as efficient as we can. E-signatures play a part in making sure we are as efficient in our customer engagement as possible.

Were you involved in the company’s transition from Adobe to DocuSign?

Yes. For me, it was a simple case of I didn’t want to be selling DocuSign and asking people to sign orders for DocuSign by using Adobe. We had a small project team who handled the transition. That involved looking at the different use cases within the business and making sure the users knew what the experience looked like in DocuSign, training them how to use the product and going through the mechanics.

It was a relatively short switch-over. It took about eight to ten weeks to go from the decision being made to the training and rolling it out and completing the project.

Can you describe the types of results you’ve seen since using electronic signatures?

The big thing with electronic signatures is the time savings when getting documents signed, making that process simple. I’m a massive believer in making yourself easy to do business with and sending forms to print, scan and email back is just clunky and cumbersome. Being able to send someone a document that they can literally sign in a couple of clicks and send back in a matter of minutes streamlines the process and speeds up the time to revenue.

Are you integrating DocuSign with Microsoft at all?

We’re going to be integrating DocuSign with Dynamics 365, our CRM platform. At the moment, we send the order forms out via DocuSign’s console. Our goal is to integrate DocuSign into the CRM and have a more streamlined workflow. We’re digital in our business but there are always things we can do better, so weaving DocuSign more closely into CRM to help drive that is the next step for us.

What’s next for your company when it comes to digitisation?

We are always looking at tighter integration between our different systems, such as CRM and our ticketing system, or how we can help improve self-service with our customers. We’re constantly looking at how we can improve our operations internally to lower costs and deliver the best experience for customers. Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination.

Finally, would you offer any advice to other firms considering a move to e-signatures?

It’s about understanding your business outcome. What are you hoping to achieve and how can technology support you in getting there, and deliver the experience you want for your customers and your employees? Technology can help save huge amounts of time and enable employees to be more productive. Start with the business goals, rather than the technology.

Cheers, Michael!