Now that I’m a part of DocuSign, with the mission to take business completely digital, I have to reveal something I failed to mention in my interviews: I’m a paper waster. I print everything.  I mean everything; stacking it all in piles around my desk for future reference. I actually had someone at my last job nicely complain about my printer over-usage!

Obviously, this has to stop. And not a moment too soon.

Look at these eye openings paper stats:

  • 1 Billion copies are made every day (Forrester Research).
  • The average worker consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper a year.
  • A 100 foot Douglas fir tree yields between 8,000 and 10,000 pieces of paper (EPA).

I love tall pine trees! Killing even one to feed my printing obsession makes me sad…and even more determined to make a change. But how?

Looking for advice, I reached out to some fellow posters.

Amanda Batista (Oracle Marketing Cloud Blogger)

“I’m the type of person who writes *everything* down. But when I bought my most recent computer, I ditched it for the “notes” feature. Now I’m essentially operating with a digital version of my legal pad, and I don’t waste paper.“

Caitlin Angeloff (DocuSign Social Maven)

“Evernote is what I use instead of pen & paper.”

Steve Olenski (Forbes Contributor)

“I would like to say I am eating more digitally so as to save on wrappers, boxes and other assorted food packaging…but alas, digital eating has not been invented yet. Until then I am saving paper by using my mobile device or laptop to “jot down ideas” as they come to me.”

Lauren Harper (Sr. Manager Social Marketing).

I especially use this app on my iPad when I’m at conferences to take notes, etc. and it can sync to other devices and I can back it up to the cloud.

What can everyone do? DocuSign everything, of course.

It’s not a commercial. Really! Just by converting paper-processes to digital, DocuSign customers have saved more than 1 million square feet of forest (that’s equal to 17 football fields.) And last year, DocuSigners kept some 160,000 trees growing in woodlands around the world. Just by going digital.

You can find out more about this here.

Ok, enough shoptalk. Earth Day is April 22. Be sure to do something!

For me…I’m unplugging my printer and am working on ways to use my smart tablet as the “paper” that I so desperately need to scribble on. Hey, every small act matters. Wish me luck.

If you want to help an official cause, consider these.

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