DocuSign customers often want to restrict the content of email messaging from the web application.  This is most common with financial services and insurance customers where electronic communications are monitored for SEC and FINRA compliance.  Alternatively, some customers want to ensure transaction notifications consistently deliver approved brand messaging.  DocuSign provides account controls to address ach of these cases.

Streamline document preparation, control your message, and ensure compliance.

The DocuSign web application is easily deployedMessage to all Recipients.  In a matter of minutes you can create a DocuSign account, upload documents, and begin collecting signatures.  However, when first created, senders in the web application are able to craft their own messaging to recipients, which may not be compliant or consistent with your policies or brand.

In cases where you want to maximum control of the sending process, DocuSign te3 Templatesmplates allow you to build a reusable transaction from beginning to end, defining the documents, placeholders for recipients, the messaging recipients will receive, branding, and more.  Additionally, user controls can be configured in your account to limit the activities of your senders, ensuring they are only sending specific documents exactly as you intended.

In her white paper “DocuSign Web Application Deployment: Maximum Control of the Sending Process”, Customer Success Architect Roshel Van Der Grinten explains how to configure your DocuSign templates and account settings to ensure your senders are following your intended process.

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