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Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Automates 1.5 Million Annual Account Openings

The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on the DocuSign customers that are accelerating their businesses with electronic signatures.

Ludovic Amoedo, Business Development Manager at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CACF), shared insights into how this leading French bank is digitising 1.5 million account openings every year with DocuSign. The impact is far-reaching: increased security, accelerated sales, and the removal of paper constraints.

Ludovic, can you provide a bit of background on CACF?

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is the European specialist consumer credit division within Crédit Agricole. We are present in all market segments, from car financing to retail, with a particular focus on supporting our partners and customers.

What inspired CACF to look for an electronic signature solution?

The challenge for CACF globally is to support and digitise more than 1.5 million account openings every year. In France alone, this number exceeds 1 million. That’s why electronic signatures are so important to us in streamlining this process.

CACF has been working with DocuSign since 2005. We were DocuSign’s first French customer. Our relationship is a long-term one and we even consider it as a partnership rather than a vendor/customer one.

Why did CACF choose DocuSign to solve the challenges you were experiencing?

CACF choose DocuSign because it offers a highly sophisticated electronic signature solution. Our collaboration with DocuSign is the answer to our very specific requirements and they have the expertise we need for this. Electronic signatures, for example, help us to solve the issues associated with archiving, encryption, and security that we encountered with paper.

How are you using electronic signatures at CACF?

One use case is within the retail market. The adoption of electronic signatures by the sales team has led to accelerated sales thanks to the simplicity of the sign-up process. For example, if we take one of our big distribution centres in Paris, we experience churn amongst sales reps of approximately 30% every six months. This means that we need to be able to quickly and easily train new sales reps on the electronic signature solution. If the sales reps are easily trained and if the customer experience is smooth, sales are boosted.

Within e-commerce, we are also using DocuSign to remove paper constraints. Customers were previously required to print contracts and post them to us to get their accounts opened. If you remove these barriers, you suddenly make everything easier and it hugely impacts the business. Digitising our processes with DocuSign has increased the speed of execution by two, three, sometimes even four times that of paper.

Do you see more opportunities to improve the customer experience?

The benefits of digitisation are a bit of a business secret that we’re trying to keep, but we can certainly say that the impact has been significant. We now view electronic signatures as part of a broader digitisation initiative.

Digitisation is not only about enabling customers to electronically sign documents, but rather about re-thinking processes, from internal document management to customer communications.

Great to hear about the continued partnership, Ludovic!

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