The more the merrier? When it comes to the unprecedented efficiency of sending DocuSign envelopes in bulk — the answer is a resounding yes.

DocuSign’s “Bulk Send” option isn’t just powerful, it’s simple. This feature capitalises on the time-saving abilities of DocuSign by allowing users to send a standardized document to many recipients at one time.

However, like all powerful tools, it is most effective when best practices are used. What steps can DocuSign users take to ensure the best possible experience for the recipient? 

Your Complete Checklist

The CSA Knowledge Market has put together a complimentary checklist and white paper highlighting key tactics you can start using right now including:

  • How to get started customising and branding your email messages
  • How to prepare your documents to accommodate data from the Bulk Recipient file
  • How to prepare and validate the Bulk Recipient CSV File
  • How to use Envelope Custom Fields for ease of reporting

Ready to maximise your efficiency? Take a look at the CSA Knowledge Market’s complimentary white paper “Bulk Send Best Practices” as well as the supplementary checklist here. 

Did you like the “Bulk Send Best Practices” white paper? Are there other topics that you’d like us to cover? If so, please leave a comment below, and we’ll try to cover them in future papers!