The “Customer Spotlight” series takes an inside look at our customers who are benefiting from digitising their processes with eSignatures.

This time round we spoke with Shaun Elliott, Procurement Senior Category Manager, about how Aggregate Industries UK Ltd aims to bring the construction industry forward, beginning by automating its HR department.

Can you describe a high-level overview of your organisation — mission, operations, and objectives?

With around 4,500 employees working across 300 locations across the UK, Aggregate Industries quarries, manufactures and supplies a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry. As a supplier and manufacturer of concrete and aggregate products, we have been working for more than a decade to create sustainable solutions for all our core markets.

Why is doing business digitally important to your organisation?

It’s quite a well-known fact that the construction industry is probably about 20 years behind manufacturing. One of the key areas of working with DocuSign was to really push us forward in terms of streamlining what we do as a business.

What business challenge were you trying to resolve when you began looking at DocuSign?

We were trying to streamline everything and improve timescales. So everything we do in HR requires authorisation and includes a manual order of authority, so there are forms that require up to six or seven signatures for all different areas of the business.

Trying to do that when we are geographically spread means we averaged up to three weeks to get the forms signed off. You can imagine people’s frustration when we recruit someone into the business, advertise a position, or change somebody’s terms and conditions when it takes that long for the signing process, before the actual form itself and the information are processed.

What was your business process prior to implementing DocuSign?

We were previously completely paper-based. We were looking at the solution to solve other processes as well because different divisions tend to have a different way of doing things. We were just trying to align everyone to the same process.

During your search for a solution, what things about DocuSign made it the best fit for Aggregate Industries and the HR use case?

One of the key things about DocuSign, from market intelligence, is how respected it is across the industry in this market sector.

How important is security to your organisation? Did this factor into your decision to go with DocuSign?

One of the features we’ve looked at with the DocuSign solution is ‘Retrieve’. This gives us the capability to keep the paper-based copy of the document as well as it being installed in the cloud. Security is obviously a very hot topic and from our research we know the documentation is compatible and it will hold up in English law.

What was your DocuSign implementation and deployment experience like?

Our experience with DocuSign has been very good. The team that did our onboarding sessions has been very engaging.

Thanks for your time, Shaun!

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