QUICK QUOTE: “Using DocuSign is helping us at Halfords to provide products to consumers more quickly and easily, often within just a few minutes.”

– Head of B2B Sales & Partnerships, Halfords.

Today, more than ever, the customer is at the centre of business. Armed with more choice and ultimately more power, customers expect businesses to deliver entirely satisfying, customer-centric experiences throughout the sales cycle.

Whether you sell to businesses or consumers, customers are accustomed to one-click purchasing, full mobile access, and social media-driven recommendations. They are demanding a similar experience of all companies they do business with.

With that in mind, Halfords implemented DocuSign with a goal of streamlining and simplifying the process of obtaining a loan for a bicycle through the UK’s “Cycle to Work” scheme.

Halfords Challenge

A household name in automotive, cycling, and leisure products, Halfords Retail offers more than 460 locations throughout the UK and Ireland. The company is an active participant in the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme, designed to encourage individuals to minimise their carbon footprint, reduce road congestion, and improve their health and wellbeing.

Through the Government scheme, Halfords works with employers to allow their employees to pay for a bicycle over time directly through their paycheck at a significantly reduced cost. The popularity of this scheme has led Halfords to process documents for more than 2000 applicants every week.

The volume of paperwork made the process slow and time-consuming for everyone, taking several days and delaying employees’ bicycle purchases. Halfords sought to enhance and automate the process, provide a better experience for the employees and make it possible for Halfords to handle more applications with little to no additional resources—and in fact, to nearly eliminate the need for paper.

The Electronic Signature Solution

Halfords began researching electronic signature solutions after a member of the company signed a document via DocuSign. As Halfords already used Salesforce on the back-end of its scheme management platform, cycle2work.info, the company sought to benefit from DocuSign’s seamless integration directly with Salesforce as well as its overall ease of use.

The Key Benefits

Now using DocuSign for Salesforce, Halfords has achieved real results: a streamlined and enhanced Cycle to Work experience for employees and faster processing of paperwork for all parties, so that employees can obtain their bicycles faster than before.

Through the online application, an employee opts to access a bicycle that best suits their requirements and budgets. This action automatically produces an agreement, which the employee DocuSigns.

Using DocuSign’s workflow and routing features, the document automatically progresses to the employer for approval, and the final, signed document is stored in Salesforce. Steps that previously took days through post now take minutes.

“Using DocuSign is helping us at Halfords to provide products to consumers more quickly and easily, often within just a few minutes,” said the Head of B2B Sales & Partnerships at Halfords. “The experience for employers is significantly improved as well because they no longer have to physically move paper about the office and can approve in a click.”

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