QUICK QUOTE: DocuSign significantly speeds up once manual, time consuming and ‘offline’ processes. Our success in going digital in our partner programme is driving us to deploy DocuSign enterprise-wide for even greater ROI. DocuSign closes the offline gap and keeps our data flowing seamlessly between systems.

 – Ryan Sullivan, Platform Process Consultant, Misys


Paperwork, for now at least, is a required part of sales. But it doesn’t have to be a required part of your evenings (or your weekends for that matter!)

According to CSO Insights, almost 20% of a sales rep’s time is spent completing post-sales tasks; faxing, scanning, printing, and chasing down signatures.

What a frustrating waste of hours and minutes.

Part 3 of our Customer Success Series looks at how Misys, a global financial services software company, implemented DocuSign to digitise and streamline contract workflows.

If you’re in a hurry, you can watch a quick video. Otherwise, I’ve summarised it for you below!


Firstly, a bit about Misys.

At the forefront of the financial software industry, Misys provides the broadest portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market.

With 2,000 customers in 120 countries, its team of domain experts and partners has an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

So what was keeping Misys up at night?

Misys has a significant global reach, selling software to banks and financial institutions all around the world (including 450 out of the top 500 global banks).

So understandably, the company was having difficulty keeping track of all those agreements. Not to mention managing the approval and signature processes for those agreements.

The team also has multiple signatories required from multiple locations around the world and required a secure signing solution to acquire those. 

How did Misys overcome these challenges?

Misys implemented DocuSign’s eSignatures to bridge the gap and make the sales process more efficient. Together with enterprise integrations with Salesforce and NetSuite, it enables Misys to get its product delivered to its clients faster.

That’s all good, but what were the results?

Rather than waiting months to receive signed agreements back, Misys is now able to execute them within their strict timelines. eSignatures ensure a more efficient and expedited turnaround time of contracts, particularly from international partners.

Misys customers and employees also enjoy the ease, speed and security of DocuSigning contracts and agreements – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

All of which means that Misys can recognise revenue sooner. And the faster Misys can get from the sales opportunity through to the contract being signed, with the least amount of admin, the better for the company. This is even more critical come the end of a quarter as most sales reps can attest to I’m sure!


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