In July 2016, The Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS Regulation 910/2014/EC) came into effect to govern how e-signatures are used across all EU Member states. eIDAS states that electronic signatures must be accepted in court as legal evidence and it further defines the three level of e-signature: simple, advanced and qualified. It’s been revolutionary for the EU because it’s allowed global businesses who operate in the EU or have signers in the EU to accelerate business across borders.

As with any new regulation, there’s some complexity to grapple with when it comes to choosing the right type of e-signature for your business and use case.

Powerful business solutions. Compliant signatures.

To make a complex topic simple, DocuSign has created a short video to help break down eIDAS and educate the market on the solutions we can provide to deliver legally binding, eIDAS-compliant e-signatures.

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider*, DocuSign can issue all levels of eIDAS-compliant e-signatures. As the only global agreement solution on the EU trust list, we offer you a one stop shop for all e-signature, identity verification, and compliance needs built with laser focus on digitising signing over the last 15 years with 400,000 customers and millions of users.

Watch the eIDAS video and take a look at the legality guide to understand your signature needs. Contact DocuSign to discuss your e-signature needs for Europe.

*DocuSign France is a qualified trust service provider, listed on the EU trust list, registered under France. DocuSign France is certified to issue Advanced and Qualified e-signatures, compliant with eIDAS.