The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from improving their business processes with digital signatures.

As Application Engineer at Sloecentrale, Ronald Caljouw talked to us about how its different departments are using digital signatures, with processes that once took days now being completed in hours.

Hi Ronald, can you provide a quick summary of your company and your responsibilities?

Sloecentrale is a power plant located in the southwest of the Netherlands. We have two production units that each have a capacity of 470 megawatts – the equivalent of two million households’ usage. Sloecentrale as an organisation has 50 employees divided across the main departments, such as maintenance and engineering.

I’m responsible for the office IT environment, which is almost completely digital. We continuously deploy cloud technologies. Prior to implementing the DocuSign solution, our first cloud venture was Office 365. Our IT environment is quite mature in that we have a high level of automation.

How, then, is Sloecentrale using digital signatures?

Last Autumn, our HR processes were automated with digital signatures, resulting in a quick selection process for a solution, which introduced us to DocuSign.

We use digital signatures for correspondence, analysis scenarios and internal processes. Electricity networks must be in balance and all grid operators care how much electricity you produce. If it is more, or less, than projected, you get a fine. So, we run a thorough analysis and have a high degree of reporting. Managers often require sign-off from plant managers and other stakeholders, all of which is supported by digital signatures from DocuSign.

How long does it take to complete a transaction now using digital signatures compared to before?

With digital signatures, Sloecentrale has reduced the average signing time from two days to two hours, roughly speaking. As an example, yesterday we had a so-called emergency purchase. One of our managers was on holiday in Greece but he had his tablet with him. Within 30 minutes of contacting him, the document was signed and returned. If it had not been for DocuSign, we would have had to call board members to request a signature, otherwise it would not have been completed.

Why did Sloecentrale choose DocuSign over other digital signature providers?

Two things: it was because of DocuSign’s superior platform availability over its competitors and the variety of integrations it offers with other applications. During the selection process, I didn’t feel comfortable with the way other companies were organised.

I think the rich suite of applications is DocuSign’s unique selling point, in combination with its consistent user interface. That is very important for me and my end users. They can immediately use it on iOS, tablets, SharePoint and so on. Those are two powerful aspects of DocuSign.

You mentioned the array of available integrations. Is Sloecentrale using DocuSign alongside other applications?

We have integrated DocuSign with the Nintex connector, but only the on-premise version for now. I have submitted two feature requests to Nintex because the DocuSign templates are fantastic, especially when you create a template and assign signer roles.

What is it about DocuSign that you have found to be most successful in your experience?

The unified interface means users have the same experience whether they are working from a mobile device, on SharePoint, or via the web browser. That’s the feedback I hear from all my colleagues. It is familiar for every user. It streamlines processes.

What advice would you share with other companies looking to implement digital signatures?

Start with the trial to learn how DocuSign works and how it can be deployed. I learnt how to use and deploy it this way, then it was easier to make implementation decisions. If you are a commercially driven organisation, you will immediately recognise the advantages of using digital signatures.

Great stuff, Ronald!

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