At DocuSign MOMENTUM’15 London, we heard tales of businesses and organisations revolutionising the way they work through digital technologies. We also heard from businesses that are disruptors within their space thanks to technological innovations. Across geographies, across industries and across departments, digital transformations are occurring at a rapid pace and everyone has their own story to tell.

Take Craig Donaldson, CEO of Metro Bank for example. Focussing on customer service, the bank has grown exponentially and now operates 35 stores, boasting 524,000 customers. Craig shared on stage at MOMENTUM’15 London how the bank is utilising technologies to set itself apart from the competition. Metro Bank has taken its customer onboarding time to under 15 minutes in 77% of cases; from the customer’s first keystroke to printing a debit card, providing a PIN number and getting the account operating. Meanwhile, other banks can take days to offer this.

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Thanks to digital technologies like DocuSign, Metro Bank is improving the customer journey and leaving the competition behind. In an industry that is often thought of as being slow to adapt, we are helping Metro Bank be a true innovator.

It doesn’t stop there. Edwin Mayer, Principal Legal Advisor at SKY, let the MOMENTUM’15 London audience know that departments in the business sometimes took days or weeks to see paper contracts returned. Implementing DocuSign changed this, helping SKY close deals sooner and get projects up and running quickly.

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Mark Wentz from SAP echoed this statement, stating that DocuSign and other technologies are enabling SAP to localise resources despite the organisation being spread across large regions, helping with recruitment across borders.

The impetus for digital adoption is just as varied and interesting as the results. Martijn Van Wijngaarden from Nuon sought a technical solution when a client claimed they had not signed a contract, which the organisation couldn’t verify. Martijn had to settle that case and vowed not to let it happen again. Enter DocuSign, which has moved from one segment of the business to another as adoption spread.

Meanwhile, John Hunter from the European Court of Human Rights stated that the Court receives over 65,000 applications a year. In 2014 alone it created 500,000 letters. Three years ago the organisation had a 150,000 case backlog; this year, that will fall to zero thanks to the use of eSignature technology – an astonishing result.

No matter where you look or who you speak to, businesses are making the most of the digital technologies available to them. From the financial sector, with Metro Bank, to public sector, with the European Court of Human Rights, digital technologies are making a huge impact. MOMENTUM’15 London has showcased innovators, disruptors and early adopters alike. What can we expect to see in 2016?

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