DocuSign Connect is a push service that sends real-time envelope and recipient data updates to customer listener applications. These updates are generated by changes to the envelope as it progresses from sending to completion.

Connect provides updated information about the status of these transactions, including the actual content of document form fields. The tool is useful to organisations that want a real-time view into the transactions across their user base in a centralised location.

This information can be customised to drive reporting or workflow specific to that organisation’s needs. Customers can create multiple Connect configurations, each with different events or users, and set up different listeners to monitor those configurations.

DocuSign Connect allows applications such as Salesforce to expand functionality. By receiving real-time data updates, apps can trigger new actions that greatly improve their services. It is non-compulsory, yet almost all developers utilise Connect.

Currently, subscribers are limited to a handful of envelope or recipient events. Here is a visualisation that shows event combinations where the size of each square represents the number of applications:

Customers using external applications account for almost half of DocuSign’s business. On a typical day, they ingest data from 1.3 million events and reach over 350,000 people. Though the prevailing focus is on routing and workflow, if we continue to build new features and platform capabilities, a more awesome future awaits.

Watch the 3-minute video for a brief overview of the tool, reasons to implement it, and additional resources. It’s ideal for developers or business users alike!