DocuSign for Office 365: A Q&A featuring Sparked

We spoke to Lauren Frijters, Co-founder & CEO, about his success with the Microsoft-DocuSign partnership.

Sparked is a technology solutions consultancy that enhances companies’ online communication and collaboration. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Sparked is one of the most innovative players in the market for Office 365 and SharePoint, belonging to a very select group of Dutch Microsoft Partners.

The company has been a finalist of the Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in the last two years. So we spoke to Lauren Frijters, Co-founder & CEO, about his success with the Microsoft-DocuSign partnership.

What was the thought process behind implementing the DocuSign-Microsoft solution?

The fact that DocuSign is integrated with Microsoft is for us a logical, but also a very positive development. It allows us to serve an even larger group of knowledge workers with cloud technology, and for this, DocuSign is the last piece of the puzzle to finally move on to working completely digitally.

What was the primary reason that Sparked chose to work with DocuSign?

We aim to close the gap in perception between what people find very normal at home, and what they have not yet experienced at work, namely, easy functionality.

DocuSign makes it possible not only to create and share documents, but they can actually be signed digitally as well. That means that we can do this not only in a fixed workplace but also on the go, using a smartphone.

What is the value of this partnership to your current and prospective customer base?

What we do, together with organisations, is see how they can make the most of cloud and mobile technology. Our expectation is that by the end of next year a significant part of our Office 365 installed base should be signing documents digitally.




What are the key benefits that Sparked has experienced from the solution?

Implementing DocuSign means that not only are we able to save time and make the organisation more productive, but it also makes it easier, faster and more pleasant for people to sign their documents and do their work, and that is good news.

What’s delighted you the most about the DocuSign solution?

Using DocuSign accelerates the dialogue around contracts and bid tenders with our customers, so we can shorten the sales cycle dramatically.

How do you view the partnership with DocuSign moving forward?

In the digital transformation of the way people work, we see digital signing as one of the best-kept secrets to improve productivity and responsiveness.

Our partnership with DocuSign and the integration with Office 365 enables our clients to work digitally through the complete document lifecycle from document creation in Office, collaboration with SharePoint and contract signing with DocuSign. With this solution, our clients become more responsive, save money and save trees.


Thanks for your time, Laurens!

If you’d like to take your productivity to the next level with DocuSign and Office 365, learn more about DocuSign for Microsoft.

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