In our latest video, we highlight how DocuSign can streamline a variety of business processes for the banking industry. By standardizing on DocuSign for electronic signature, banks can eliminate a variety of paper-based processes and slash costs for different business activities – notably by simplifying new account openings, accelerating lending cycles, and driving productivity for branch staff.

As an example of the returns offered by the DocuSign platform, the video demonstrates the experience of a couple co-signing to open a new account. As one party signs in-person with a tablet, the other securely signs using their phone after identity verification. This fast, compliant and error-proof signing experience ensures that customers are on-boarded quickly, so staff can focus on high-value tasks that increase revenue. And best of all, DocuSign integrates directly into the business tools banks already use, including Microsoft solutions and CRM platforms.

Learn more about how DocuSign drives efficiency in the banking industry here, or download a whitepaper about enhancing customer experiences in banking here.