Exciting news we wanted to share – DocuSign just released new API Plans and Pricing for developers! Now you can purchase API access directly over the web and go live with your integration as soon as the same day!

With three new plans being offered plus the already available Enterprise edition of DocuSign you now have four options for going live with your DocuSign API integrations.

The new self-service API Plans are available for purchase through the Developer Center – all you need is a credit card to get started. The three new plans being offered are called Startup APIs, Essential APIs, and Advanced APIs (more info below).

Upon purchase of your API Plan, you’ll be able to immediately send and sign documents through the DocuSign Website, however before you can make API calls in production you’ll need to go through API Certification (no additional fee, see the Go Live section of the Developer Center for more info).

Each API Plan includes a single account user – signers do not need their own DocuSign account and signing is always free – along with different monthly envelope limits in place.  Note that an Envelope can have multiple documents, multiple fields, and multiple recipients contained in it, still only counts towards one of your monthly requests allowed.



Info on new DocuSign API plans:

Startup APIs  – £19.99/month (when paid annually)

Signature Requests per month: 10

Templates: 10

The Startup APIs plan is intended to get you up and running fast with the most widely-used and requested features and workflow, such as Signature, Initial, Name, and Date fields, basic recipient (signer) authentication, and multi-language support (sign documents in over 40 languages). The Startup APIs plan allows you to create up to 10 unique Templates.

Essential APIs – £64.99/month (when paid annually)

Signature Requests per month: 30

Templates: Unlimited

The Essential API Plan includes all features in the Startup APIs plan plus some essential business features, including Custom Branding, Access Code Signer Authentication, additional DocuSign fields such as Checkboxes and Optional Signatures, and additional recipient workflows such as Signer Attachments, Carbon Copies, and Acknowledge Receipts. You also get an unlimited amount of Templates with the Essential APIs plan.

Advanced APIs – £249.99/month (when paid annually)

Signature Requests per month: 100

Templates: Unlimited

The Advanced APIs Plan is what you’ll want when you are ready to scale and automate your API integration with additional features and workflow. Advanced APIs includes all features available through the Essential Plan along with some game changers, including Embedded Signing and Sending, Multi-factor Authentication, Form and Field validation, Calculated Fields, and more. With Embedded Signing you can let users sign documents directly through your UI instead of having them context-switch and sign through the DocuSign Website.


Integrate the world’s leading eSignature API into your app or website today and crush your competition overnight. With these new DocuSign API Plans, your only limitation is your imagination!

Learn more about DocuSign API Pricing.