We’ve all heard the trends and stats: companies that rank highly on digital maturity outperform their competition, achieving 13% higher revenue and 19% higher market valuation.* But as financial services leaders well know, it’s not about going digital for the sake of digital that drives these results. It’s about transforming how you engage with your clients; it’s about making doing business with you faster, easier, and more delightful.

For me, this really came to life during a customer visit last fall. The head of IT strategy for a leading bank explained that even though DocuSign was already helping them transform their business, “We need to go beyond signature to differentiate and simplify the entire client experience,” he told us.

And after speaking to dozens of customers, it was clear many banks and financial institutions feel the same way. Critical agreement processes, such as new account openings, client onboarding, and commercial lending involve lots of people, documents and stages.

Preparing and coordinating across all of those different factors can be a nightmare; it’s slow and costly, not to mention a disjointed client experience. Where’s the latest version of the contract? What’s the status of the deal? Why is everything taking so long?

The solution is to bring all these people together in a secure digital space to where they can coordinate, centralize, and ultimately complete critical transactions faster. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce DocuSignTransaction Rooms for Financial Services.

Take a look!

Fortunately, as we embarked on creating this solution, weren’t starting from scratch. We already have a customer-proven product, Transaction Rooms for Real Estate for our US customers. We used those successes and learnings to create TransactionsRooms for Financial Services. Built on DocuSign’s always-on, highly secure platform, the new TransactionRooms enables financial services companies to accelerate agreements, control the entire process, and simplify customer experience.

It’s been an exciting journey to make this product a reality. We hope you like what you see and want to learn more. And on behalf of the product development team behind Transaction Rooms, we can’t wait to hear what you think.