Dreamforce this year marked an important milestone in our DocuSign developer community-building efforts. The number of Salesforce developers who are integrating DocuSign into their sales and community-based applications is growing very rapidly, and the DocuSign for Salesforce app on the AppExchange is also the most popular eSignature choice. Our goal at Dreamforce this year was to really raise awareness of the new Lightning and Apex support – and sample code and recipes – we now have for Salesforce developers, and drive some great engagement with the community.

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Dev Forest

Setting up a “DocuSign Trailhead” in the Developer Forest

When the Developer Forest opened at 8 am on Tuesday morning (4th October 2016), we already had people lining up for demos at our booth and the deluge of developers coming by never let up. The conversations were great, the energy was amazing, and we had a ton of fun.

The new DocuSign for Salesforce App and its support for Salesforce Lightning was a big hit. We showed the tight integration between Salesforce and DocuSign by generating an agreement to be eSigned right from within a Salesforce Opportunity object. After the agreement is eSigned, the completed agreement automatically triggered a completion status and a close probability of 100%. If that wasn’t enough, we also showed how the signer could enter a PO number right into the document to be signed and it updated the PO field right inside Salesforce, showing how the integration is two-way. The positive feedback was amazing!

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Dreamforce Demo

The DocuSign for Salesforce App is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. More information about DocuSign for Salesforce can be found on the DocuSign website. For a free DocuSign for Salesforce trial, visit this link.

We also tried to have some fun in the booth – for the first three days we raffled a Phantom 3 drone. This was a big hit, and we had hundreds of people participate. Congratulations to the drone winners Graydon Craig, Abhilash Kuntar, and Josh Robbins!

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Recap Drone Winner

Developer VIP Reception

On Wednesday night we hosted a developer VIP reception at our CEO, Keith Krach’s house. Our goal was to bring together great customers and partners using the DocuSign API with key media and analysts (such as The Economist, TechCrunch, San Francisco Business Times, Forrester Research, and many more) to give those media and analysts a real window into the great work our customers and partners are doing with the API. It was also an opportunity to really celebrate their success, to which we all raised a glass and Keith did a toast! Again, great conversations, amazing energy. The event was a great success.

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Recap Keith's House

Developer Workshop

On Thursday, 6th October, we held an exclusive developer workshop we called a “munch and learn.” Not only did we provide a great Asian-themed lunch, but more than 100 people attended this two and a half-hour session to see a deep-dive into DocuSign for Salesforce, how to customize it, and how to use our eSignature API. We demoed five new recipes that are now available on GitHub. The recipes include two that show Salesforce signing and sending specifically with embedding, one Salesforce signing request built with Lightning, and one auto-provisioning example. The final recipe is a basic “hello world” example that shows how to send a DocuSign request from an Apex controller class.

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Recap Dev Workshop

Closing the week in the Developer Theatre

Friday morning in the Developer Forest, we had a great session led by our own Larry Kluger in front of a packed house, sharing with many more developers the new sample code and recipes utilizing Apex, Lightning, and DocuSign for Salesforce. It was a great finale for a truly amazing week at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce 2016 Developer Blog Recap Larry's Session

Developer Resources

In case you missed Dreamforce or just need a consolidated list, here’s a summary of the DocuSign developer-related resources: