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DYK: Over 10,000 documents have been DocuSigned in the Arctic Circle

The documents have been sent and signed in hundreds of locations (see image below) by thousands of users, without any single customer or account siphoning a significant share of the action. 

I’m not qualified to comment on the health of the Arctic and its ecological truth with the rest of the planet. It does seem, however, that DocuSign users in the Land of the Midnight Sun are representative of recent increased human bustle atop the world.

Along with real estate agents, consultants, tour guides, scientists, engineers, and many other individuals–Nergård Havfiske (Fishing), Mercy Ships, Lindhardt og Ringhof Forlag (Publishing), Superior Energy Service, The University of Alaska, and Crossfit Games exemplify the breadth of DocuSigners.

It is another a reminder of DocuSign’s global reach. Our impact is being felt in ultra-remote lands. I think Spiderman’s uncle said something that would fit here. Where in the world will you DocuSign?

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  1. Who would of thought there would be so many documents sent from the Arctic Circle? After looking at the map, it makes sense.

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