Priya transacted with Takahiro—who transacted with Sam—who transacted with Cillian—who transacted with Juliette—who transacted with Rodrigo—who transacted with [email protected]—who transacted with you.

More than 200 million all-time users have sent or signed a document through DocuSign. 95% of them—through a chain of transactions—are connected to each other.

Of these users, some are more connected than others, but everyone can reach everyone else within 19 degrees. And; almost everyone can reach almost everyone else within 7 degrees.

Here are four samples of the network containing a few hundred DocuSigners. Each line represents a transaction between two users.

While DocuSign plays only a minor role in holding these communities together, there is a slight “network effect”, for three reasons:

  1. More connections translate into more trust
  2. The fact that Priya has adopted DocuSign, makes it more appealing to transact with her.
  3. Even a loosely tied community provides ample opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing of best practices.

Though not 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon, you are likely just 7 degrees of separation from any of the 200+ million users on the DocuSign Global Trust Network.

Learn more about the DocuSign Community, here.