Many customers find value in custom branding–38% of direct sales customers vs 5% of self-servicing customers—although some customers change the experience so thoroughly that users become unaware that they are using DocuSign.

There are several places where a customer can change branding, such as the sender experience, the signer experience and email notifications. Changing colours is the most common practice. Other activities include uploading logos, changing URLs and adding text.

Why is custom branding important?

Branding offers a way to customise the DocuSign experience for both senders and recipients. With the branding controls in DocuSign, you can reinforce your brand presence and reassure your signers that documents you send to them through DocuSign are coming from your organisation. The branding configurations you specify are global and apply to all users on your account and every recipient experience for every document sent from your account.

How to customise your branding

Matching the signing experience your customers see to your brand is quick and easy with DocuSign, helping you maintain the branding you have worked so hard to build. Check out this DocuSign University video on how to brand the signing experience.