You have received a document to sign. Unfortunately, you are not at your desk right now. You are stuck on a train and really need to sign this document by 9 am.

Question: Do you have the DocuSign mobile app?

If yes: Well done! You can sign your document and wait peacefully for your train to continue. You can stop reading and choose another of our best blog articles on electronic signature.

If no: Too bad. You still have a chance. Try our mobile app right now and sign your document in a sec.!

Not convinced? You only have a few apps running on your phone and are careful about what you download? Please read our 4 reasons to get our app.

1. Response rate in seconds, not in minutes

E-Signature means that it only takes a few minutes to sign a document. When you receive it, you just have to check your emails and then, well, sign.

With the app, you are not waiting a single minute. You receive all notifications in real-time and are directed to the app!

A collaborator is waiting for his expense to be signed? Sign now! He will be so grateful. Perhaps he will offer a pint of beer at the pub tomorrow?

E-signature mobile app and notifications

2. Check and remind on the go – ready for when you arrive at the office

People always forget to sign. This is human nature. With the app, you can send reminders whenever you want. 1, 2 or more reminders. Monitor in real-time and on the go what documents are waiting for electronic signatures.

It’s easy for reminding your boss to sign for your own expenses, right? You should offer him a pint of beer at the pub tomorrow.

E-signature mobile app and reminders

3. Draw your signature

Have you tried to draw your own signature on a computer? Not that easy? Try our mobile app. Your signature will look personal and pretty.

You can even design a beautiful flower as a signature. No, really. This will be absolutely legal.

E-signature mobile app and draw your signature

4. Take a picture of your contract and send it for signature

Are you currently buying four pints of beers for your colleagues and boss at the pub? How nice! Don’t forget to take a picture of your invoice. And send it directly through the app to your boss so he can approve and sign this expense. You are a nice guy, but not a rich one, aren’t you?

Oh no, wait. Wait until you arrive at the table. It would be a shame to spoil the moment, right?

E-signature mobile app and pictures to sign

Are you still there? Don’t you want a chance to get a free pint of beer? Go and download the app!