You may have heard that last week we released a new eSignature REST API. It’s a giant leap ahead, making it possible to accomplish in just a few minutes tasks that used to take hours.

We designed it based on feedback and input from some major cloud-based companies and developers like you, who asked for easy ways to code some important and frequently needed tasks. So you’ve heard the hype, but you probably want to know what sorts of things you actually can now do thanks to the REST API. Well here are a few ideas to start, from our scenario outlines:

  1. Request signature via a template – How to request a signature on a document referenced through a template.
  2. Get envelope information – How to retrieve an envelope’s data fields.
  3. Get envelope recipient status – How to get an envelope’s recipient information.
  4. Request signature by supplying a document – How to request a signature on a document that you upload via the API.
  5. Get status of an envelope – Options for getting the status.
  6. Get envelope documents – How to retrieve an envelope’s documents.
  7. Embedded sending – How to launch the DocuSign Sending Wizard to allow the sender to put finishing touches on a document before requesting a signature.
  8. Embedded signing – How to launch the DocuSign Console to allow a recipient to sign a document.
  9. Embedded DocuSign – How to launch the DocuSign Console in an authenticated view.

To try it out yourself and learn more about the new eSignature REST API standard and toolkit, upcoming webcasts, and other API resources, please visit the DocuSign Developer Center.

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