Introducing eSignature SMS Delivery: A Faster Way to Reach Signers

Over the past decade, consumer behavior has changed. More and more people are shifting towards mobile as a means to access and share critical information. A study found that consumers prefer SMS notifications over email by 2.5x when it comes to receiving important notifications.

Despite this shift, email is still the tried and true way to communicate important information. However, as people are consistently inundated with email, it has become increasingly difficult to break through the noise of the modern inbox.

We believe that you need to communicate across multiple channels to ensure signers receive and complete important documents. That’s why we're excited to announce SMS Delivery - a new way to connect with signers. Now you can enhance email notifications with real-time SMS notifications sent directly to a signer’s mobile device. 

  • Expand your reach. With global availability in more than 180 countries you can reach signers wherever they are. 
  • Close business faster. Leverage email and real-time SMS notifications together to increase response rates and get documents signed quickly. 
  • Provide a superior customer experience. Combined with our responsive signing functionality, SMS Delivery enables you to differentiate your business with an engaging signing experience. 

 Transform your business through a multi-channel communications approach. With SMS Delivery you can give signers a more engaging experience while speeding up business transactions. Whether you are onboarding new hires or sending an insurance renewal, the possibilities of SMS notifications are endless. 

DocuSign customers like A-MAX Auto Insurance are using SMS notifications to reach their customers faster.

“We love having the ability to request signatures from our clients using text messages. It enables us to provide clients with a seamless experience while expediting turnaround times. The best part is that it requires no additional integrations to set up and it is just as easy as sending DocuSign envelopes using email.”  

- Alishan Dhanani, A-MAX Auto Insurance

To get started with eSignature SMS Delivery, contact sales or check out the guide.


Written By Yasamin Yousefi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager