Contributed by Jason Gershenson, Attorney at Gershenson Law, LLC. 

As a founder of my own company Gershenson Law, a practice focused on helping entrepreneurs start their own companies, I know firsthand how critical time is to any new business.  The startups I work with are competing with companies that have hundreds or thousands of employees, so it’s important to get everything done as efficiently as possible. I’m constantly looking for new technologies that can help my business and simplify the startup process for my clients. Using DocuSign for Google has had a big impact on how quickly my clients and I can get documents finished.

Starting a business is a complicated process. From the very first engagement letter and fee agreement, there is a ton of paperwork involved in starting a company. I rely on Google Drive to help me keep track of all these documents but I needed a better way to get documents signed and returned to me. Printing, signing and faxing back documents was a huge hassle for my clients and the whole process typically took between 6 to 10 days to complete.

I needed to find a solution that would be as easy as possible so my clients could focus on what really matters –building their businesses. I chose DocuSign because of its ease of use and seamless integration with my existing cloud software. With DocuSign for Google Drive, documents now come back in just 48 hours. Even better, the documents are easily stored in one place, so nobody has to worry about keeping track of key documents. Copies are easily accessible online whenever they’re needed so everyone has full transparency throughout the startup process.

DocuSign and Google Drive’s apps give me complete location independence. With the DocuSign for Google Drive’s mobile option, I can pull up any document and get the document executed on the spot. This gives me the flexibility to work from wherever is easiest for my clients.

My clients’ business needs are my top priority. With Cloud based apps, like DocuSign for Google Drive, I’m able to provide flexible productivity for my clients while facilitating the simplest and most secure document workflow. I aim to be a partner to my clients as they build their businesses and DocuSign for Google has been an important tool in helping me do that.

Curious about DocuSign for Google Drive?  Check it out in the Chrome Store now.