The “Customer Spotlight” series shines a light on DocuSign customers who are benefiting from improving their business processes with electronic signatures.

Filestream has seen the receipt of completed contracts return forty times faster with DocuSign. Now, Technical Director, Paul Day, shares the company’s strategy for GDPR compliance.

Paul, can you provide a high-level overview of your organisation and your role within it?

Filestream is a document software management company. We develop software and sell it all over the world. My role is technical director and I’m responsible for all of the support and development.

What sorts of challenges were you experiencing that made you consider electronic signatures?

When we sell our software, we send out a maintenance contract for the client to sign. The biggest problem here is that we could be dealing with anyone in the business, from a managing director to an IT manager. When we send out a contract to get it signed, we’re constantly chasing to get that signed copy back because it forms part of the terms and conditions of their support contract. We put the contract into a workflow but it still means someone has to physically keep chasing it.

The first approach was to use DocuSign for the electronic signature on documents, such as sales orders, agreements, quotes and support contracts. By talking to my customers, we have developed our product to work solely with DocuSign as a signing partner. Liaising with a partner like DocuSign is a massive enhancement to our programme.

My job at the moment is focused around the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and looking at the security of documents. Sending them out by email is not the best way to go.

Would you say you have a GDPR strategy in place as a business and you’re looking at third parties to aid compliance?

Yes, definitely. I’m doing GDPR compliance exams at the moment. As a company, we have lots of people’s personal information in our systems and compliance will enable us to talk to clients about enhancing the use of the product within their business to help them become compliant themselves.

When handling personal data, you need consent to hold that information. We’re updating our database and then sending out an email with an agreement form through DocuSign. 

As you’re evaluating providers to help your compliance, what’s important to you and your company?

For me, first it’s security, reputation, and availability. I’ve looked at all of your competitors and DocuSign ticks the boxes. I feel more secure recommending DocuSign as a company than any of the others. The API is great and easy for us to integrate with.

In terms of the impact on the business, how has DocuSign improved upon previous processes?

We’re very new to e-signing, but now we receive customer responses the same day, which we never did before. I find people are happier to simply click and sign with DocuSign than they would be to print out the contract, scan it and then email it back to me. Realistically, it could take a month to six weeks to get that contract back. I sent one out the other day and it was back in 45 minutes. The speed enhancement for the customer is a lot better. It’s forty times faster.

Are there any specific DocuSign features that stand out?

For my clients, I like that your professional services department offers to build templates. Everything is in front of you with DocuSign, so it’s easy to follow. The implementation process of the whole solution only took us 3-4 days, including development. Other products are 3-4 months. As a company, DocuSign is very proactive. I haven’t had to send emails and wait hours and hours. The team is very quick to respond.

What has the customer feedback been like when e-signing?

Some of my clients have been with us for a long time. I took a client to your MomentumX event and he walked out of there saying, “We’re signing.” I also have a massive customer with 90,000 employees worldwide. The HR department needs to obtain employee consent and they are looking at DocuSign. There are lots of clients I’ve got that will require this functionality.

I cannot find anything negative to say about DocuSign and, as a technical person, that’s my job to find negative stuff! With you guys, I can’t find anything, whereas I can with your competitors.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to implement digital technology and to become GDPR-compliant?

I wouldn’t choose any other partner but DocuSign, for ease and security. To me, you excel more than any of the others.

For the GDPR side of it, it’s a no-brainer. You’ve got to be compliant. The deadline can help you move forwards quicker. A lot of talk around the GDPR is around checking boxes. DocuSign is going to enhance a business’ ability to comply because it speeds up processes. Plus, e-signatures are auditable.

So, what’s next for you and DocuSign?

With me as a software vendor, I’m looking to do a lot with DocuSign. I’ll be offering DocuSign’s professional services to my clients because we work with templates within Filestream’s software. One of our clients has 30 different HR templates that need to be filled out by employees and they are working with your professional services to get the templates built. The hours they’re saving is very cost-effective to them. It is a cost-effective system.

Thanks for your time, Paul!

To learn more about the basics of GDPR and how DocuSign can enhance your company’s ability to comply, click here.

A major milestone in data privacy regulation, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force on 25 May 2018.