By: Jeffrey Bosworth – SVP Sales & Marketing at Novatus Contract Management

If you remember the “old days” (or maybe read about them somewhere in a text book), you probably have visions of how offices used to look: rows and rows of file cabinets at every angle, overstuffed with documents of every kind. Finding what you needed was an exercise in … well … exercise. Bending, stooping, getting paper cuts from searching through files, trying to find the right cabinet with the right drawer with the right file, and with a hope and a prayer that the contract you were looking for was where it was supposed to be.

Worse yet was discovering that the contract you were looking for was expired because you didn’t keep manual tabs on the renewal date. Or maybe it had been faxed so many times due to redlining, negotiation and initialing it was next to impossible to read.

The digitalization of the business world isn’t new by any means, but every stride that is made makes it easier for each of us to do our jobs. And part of doing our jobs means embracing new methods, new software, and new ideas on a regular basis to keep us and our companies profitable and productive.

Great thought leaders come with great ideas to simplify and strategize in a way that takes the routines of the day and builds them into dynamic, quick and easy ways to get the same things done with a keystroke and a click. And professional contract management with e-signature is a primary method of keeping records straight and keeping business relationships solid.

Companies that use contract lifecycle management software understand that contracts are not just a part of business, but an asset that needs to be nurtured, maintained, and structured for best results. A great contract management system is a critical part of business success. It must be easily adoptable by multiple users representing different departments and roles, be easy to maintain, have functionality that includes superior real-time reporting, online negotiation capability, automated alerts and e-signatures, and be completely customizable while simplifying contract workflow.

That’s where Novatus and DocuSign come in. Since 2011, DocuSign and Novatus Contract Management have been providing superior solutions in contract lifecycle management solutions to Global 1000 companies, with thousands of users worldwide. The key differentiating factor in Novatus’ solution is the DocuSign e-signature capability.

Novatus Contract Management is fully integrated to DocuSign’s electronic signature platform, providing our clients with the option to deploy an affordable and easy-to-use paperless contracting solution. Consider this: Novatus offers the only online negotiation portal with e-signature capability in the world.

Every business has contracts, but it can be hard to keep a pulse on agreements that are months or years old when daily tasks demand immediate attention. The new generation of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software solves this problem by tracking the entire lifecycle of contracts from inception to expiration. Choosing the right CLM solution is an important decision for your organization and can be the telling difference in utilization, compliance, and acceptance by your team. Consider these facets of Novatus:

  1. Our streamlined implementation has you up and running within days, not weeks or months.
  2. We are the only full CLM solution provider in the industry that is completely configurable from a browser.
  3. All upgrades and enhancements are included, and no additional services are required to upgrade – ever.
  4. Our Administration Dashboard is incredibly easy-to-use, and our start-up services are dynamic and thorough, enabling your team to manage and change configurations easily and quickly.
  5. Benefit from complete electronic signature integration and paperless contracting.
  6. We automate the entire CLM process including essential integration of your contracts, contract drafting, contract negotiation and approval/renewal tools.
  7. Our real-time access to financial and legal compliance reporting streamlines productivity and profitability through various departments and even entire organizations!
  8. Enjoy 100% guaranteed security of your contracts and documents in Novatus’ state-of-the-art redundant Data Center.
  9. Complete 24/7 technical support and on-going training to achieve ROI with your investment in us.
  10. We’re pioneers in the industry, and have years of experience in helping our clients become more productive and profitable with the ease-of-use of our software. Together, Novatus Contract Management’s expert services and technical teams have completed more than 400 Contract Lifecycle Management implementations and integrated with dozens of other software programs.

Great partnerships – like Novatus and DocuSign – provide great solutions, and that’s the advantages of keeping businesses digital!

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